Cindy Meyer

Parker – A Distinctive City in North Texas

Our residents move here to enjoy our country atmosphere and open spaces, yet be in close proximity for work, dining, shopping and entertainment. Residents are willing to sacrifice some services in exchange for larger lots, less property restrictions and relatively low city property taxes.

I will continue to represent Parker residents and promote transparency

  1. Informed Decision Making

Council members should be knowledgeable and fully informed on the issues before the council.  Items should be properly investigated and council members should raise appropriate questions for discussion prior to voting. Unfortunately over the last several years there seems to be resistance to public discourse. Why?

As over the past two years, I will continue to adequately prepare and discuss the pros and cons of items brought before council. Hopefully other council members will join me.

2.  Promote Accountable Planning and Budgeting

This past year the city has made great strides in financial accountability. Thanks to the citizens of Parker, at the last minute, the proposed tax rate increase was retracted, leaving Parker residents with the same rate as previous year.

A good start, but residents still realized a 5% increase in their tax bill.  Note that in addition to the 5% increase on existing properties from the previous year, Parker had substantial new growth which generated an additional $15 million in taxable revenue.

Current residents should not shoulder the burden of rapid development. To that end, I will continue to dig into the details to keep our taxes low without jeopardizing the city’s core function of providing adequate police/fire protection and infrastructure.

3.  Protect Our Country Atmosphere

I am concerned over the loss of our country lifestyle. Today in some areas of Parker, all you see are rooftops. While growth is inevitable, the citizens of our city have been very vocal on maintaining our identity with larger lot sizes. We need to hold to our values and the council should be accountable to current residents, not developers. All council members should uphold our comprehensive plan and zoning requirements.