Collin County
Precinct 7

November 3, 2020  Election

Early Voting:  October 13  - October 30


Leadership Matters!

Here in Collin County, we are very fortunate to have exceptional leadership. Our elected officials have stood strong in the face of crisis to protect our safety, while guarding our rights and freedom.

Over the months, we’ve seen a stark difference between elected officials across our country -  anarchy and socialism upheaval vs. protection of constitutional freedoms. One that tears down and one that builds up and empowers.

The choice is clear, we need hope and vision for a bright future, not pessimism, hopelessness, and anarchy. Never in our history is an election as critical as our upcoming November election.

Now, more than ever, we need to keep Collin County and Texas Republican strong!  All races are critical…from the White House to the State House; from the Courts to the Constables,  VOTE REPUBLICAN!


What you should know...

Straight party voting is no longer available. Voting for the Republican candidate in each individual race will keep our nation, state and county Republican strong!  Please take the time to vote Republican all the way down the ballot.

We are the envy of the nation. The opposition has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Texas, much of it right here in Collin County. With your help, we will defeat their efforts.

Each and every race is critical in the protection of freedom. Together, we can close the door on socialism and keep our country, state and county prosperous. Do your part to keep America strong, Texas the shining star of this nation and keep Collin County the best place to live, work and raise our families.