Getting the information that drives your business is critical to your organization.

With custom database development and data solutions we use raw transactional or service data, and translate that data into knowledge through customized and meaningful reports.

From consulting -- to development -- to execution, Marketing & Data Solutions tailors services to fit within your structure and budget.  Applications are designed from the user's prospective, creating ease and simplicity of reporting and statistical analysis vital to your organization.

Data capture 

Driven by your needs, Marketing & Data Solutions will design a custom database which can reside on your in-house server or PC for your management, or we can manage the database for you.  A custom database will increase productivity through automated data collection.

Data reporting

With Marketing & Data Solutions' data warehousing and reporting, you'll have the tools necessary to generate reports for analysis and reporting.  With easy access to information, you will turn data into knowledge... giving you the ultimate competitive edge.  

Marketing & Data Solutions develops services for:

Automated statistical reporting, tracking customer behavior, custom analysis and profitability reporting for senior management or government agencies.